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Tailored F&I Solutions

We understand the uniqueness of your dealership, which is why we provide exclusive training programs, profit sharing opportunities and world class protection products to build growth and provide lasting sustainability. 

Training Evolved

Designed to elevate your team’s performance and enhance customer interactions, our exclusive Evolution Training provides in-person and online training programs to meet the unique needs of each dealership. 


What We Do

  • Equip your sales and service teams with in-depth knowledge about our protection plans

  • Enhance customer interaction techniques to effectively communicate product value 

  • Provide one-on-one training to ensure the confidence, skills and motivation to close any deal 


We build a championship culture

Our Evolution Training Program provides an effective training system, motivation, personal and team development resulting in the creation of a championship culture throughout your organization. We guarantee it.

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Evolution Meetings

The centerpiece of our program, these 90-minute monthly meetings bring an atmosphere of energy, motivation and team-based performance improvement techniques.

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Certification Course

2 to 3 day bootcamps targeted to new hires or as an annual certification that focuses on proper sales or F&I process. A recorded and graded final is included for all participants.

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Weekly Ranking Reports

What gets measured, gets improved. We compile and distribute detailed ranking performance reports to let everyone on your team know how they are stacking up.

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Mastermind Roundtables

Monthly sit down with team members focusing on underperformers to establish a network of support and develop solutions.

We’re proud to partner with 4,000 dealerships nationwide


Dealership Participation Programs

By participating in PermaPlate’s Dealership Participation Programs, you can enhance profitability, customize your offerings, and secure a more sustainable future for your dealership. 

Maximize Earnings

Unlock additional benefits and profit-sharing opportunities through our exclusive Dealership Participation Programs. 


We Will Provide You

  • Claims processing expertise and negotiated rate structures to ensure proper loss management and premier customer service.

  • Full disclosure, no hidden fees – with PermaPlate, you’ll always get clear and honest pricing. 

  • Dedicated actuarial analysis for full program price management. 


No ceding fees, no claims adjustment fees, or any other hidden fees. Potential for access to reinsurance company capital.


Our Retro programs can be structured competitively and creatively to enhance the 

timing of cash payouts.


The DOWC allows the owner to make the most of both underwriting profitability and investment income.

Comprehensive vehicle protection plans that go beyond traditional warranties

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